Motor Assisted Wheelchair Analysis


Multidisciplinary Senior Design Team P16007 Research Poster

The image above is the final research poster for RIT’s Multidisciplinary Senior Design (MSD) team P16007 who researched, designed, and constructing a device that would assist the motion of a wheelchair.  I chose this poster because I am on team P17007, this year’s  MSD team that will research ideas to improve the device and ultimately reconstruct the device by the end of the Spring semester.  Similar to their device from last year, I am not a fan of their poster.  There are multiple improvements I would make to this poster including:

  • The lack of information and research provided to prove their design is feasible.
  • I know from using the device that it works, but for someone else looking at the poster, they likely wouldn’t know.
  • For the engineering requirements section, there is nothing to describe how those requirements will be tested (test plans) and there aren’t any results to prove if anything was accomplished.
  •  There is an image of validation for the stress and factor of safety for the device’s base, but there isn’t an explanation for what the image means.
  • Overall, just make the poster clear, concise, and complete.

Ultimately, I don’t think this poster does a good job at communicating to the user the outcomes and research from their project.  I think the information is concise, but it is not clear and it is not complete.  On the other hand, the poster is easy to look at and has images to show what the constructed device looks like.


One thought on “Motor Assisted Wheelchair Analysis

  1. I think it was interesting to hear your comments on the poster for a project you are familiar with, because you have a more educated perspective about the subject matter than any random observer. It is especially interesting to hear that you don’t like the poster, because if the poster doesn’t do a good job of communicating ideas to you, then it definitely won’t do a good job communicating the ideas to people who have no background with the project!

    The things that struck me immediately when looking at the poster were the lack of words and the inconsistent alignment. There is usually a lot more text on these types of posters, but instead this poster has several very large images and very little text. It is hard to understand any concrete information about the project without having much to read. Also, there doesn’t seem to be a strict grid system followed by the poster. The heights and widths of each of the square sections of the poster do not match up, giving it a very haphazard design.

    I think if each of the images had small paragraphs explaining what they mean, it would be a lot easier for an uninformed observer like myself to learn from the poster.

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