Human Visualization

Without delving much into the content of this poster I could see right from the start that it could have been improved from an aesthetic, visual standpoint. To begin with, I understand that is was created with a particular color theme in mind that was perhaps meant to illicit the mood of its content, but I feel that the theme becomes overwhelming with only a few different shades of color present. Having a uniform theme is not necessarily a bad idea, but having all the backgrounds and charts be the same hue doesn’t allow for any aspect of the poster to pop out at the  viewer. This leaves the poster more likely to be passed over rather than stand out like a poster with sharp, contrasting colors would.

I felt that this poster could also have benefited from a bit of reorganization that that would have filled up the empty space better than it does. The impression that empty spaces on a research poster like this gives is that the researcher ran out of things to say about their research. This is not the impression that you want he viewer to have. While you do not want to clutter the poster either, striking the right balance that gives the impression of a concise, yet thorough summary of one’s research is what is preferred.

In addition, I would have made this poster easier to read from a text and chart perspective. What the creator needs to understand is that almost no one will want to put their face close enough to the poster to read the tiny text that makes up the several paragraphs used to summarize the key points of the research done by this student. By focusing of brevity, the author could have larger text and graphs that will give a passer-by a better idea of their work.



3 thoughts on “Human Visualization

  1. Hi Jonathan,
    I strongly agree with your opinion about this poster. I like that you mentioned how the colors are used to create a specific mood, and I agree that the color is used too much throughout the design so it becomes overwhelming. Like you said, if they had used nice contrasting colors throughout the design it would have made important information stand out and would not feel crowded.
    I definitely agree the layout could also be improved. There is a lot of white space used which makes the design feel incomplete.

  2. I agree, this poster’s use of the same color for everything makes it unappealing and easily overlooked. When making a poster like this, you need to make something that will catch the attention of passersby. This certainly would not do that. I also think they should have reconsidered their use of such small text. Not only is it difficult to read because of its size, there’s so much information that I wouldn’t stop to read it unless I already had an interest in the topic. Using a larger font could also help to fill in some of the white space and force the creator to be more brief in their texts. Finally, it would give them an opportunity to rearrange the poster into something more attractive to the eye.

  3. I agree that they should have made the text larger so that people could read it easier without having to get super close to the poster but I don’t agree with your opinions on the colors. While I don’t think that the orange/peach color worked the best with it, I think that if they decided to use a different color and kept the ideas of hues it would work rather nicely. While they should have separated some of the information so all of the images weren’t in one location, the use of just one simple color and hues makes it seem less cluttered and overpowering.

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