Cell Poster

dunton_sarah_viscom_week_10The image above is a research poster located on the first floor of Gosnell. This poster displays “Evaluating Targeted Molecular Imaging Agents Using Two- and Three-Dimensional Cell Culture Cancer Models.” This poster initially caught my attention because of the bright and colorful images that stood out in a mostly industrial looking hallway.


  • striking imagery of cells
  • bright captivating colors
  • well labeled
  • sections were divided and described clearly
  • stayed consistent with fonts
  • composition overall felt balanced


  • very wordy
  • visually looks like a page straight out of a text book
  • the eye sometimes gets lost as to where it should travel next

Overall, I feel like this poster conveyed clear and complete information about the project. Although it contained a ton of information and words, for what it was, it wasn’t incredibly overwhelming. Visually, it catches the attention of the viewer and was a good representation of it’s content in style and format.


3 thoughts on “Cell Poster

  1. I think that this is a great poster to analyze and you brought up many great points! The bright colors definitely grab your attention as you walk by and therefore would grab you to want to read more. However, I think that the title and the names of those who worked on the research seems too clumped. It is hard to know exactly what the poster is about since they are all written exactly the same and so close together. However, with all of the information they have on it, it is clear that because of space this may have been their only solution. Another thing that I really like is their use of visuals in order to show direct comparisons. In what we learned this week, it was clear that having two images that show a comparison clearly helps the audience make a connection to what they are looking at. And in the images, it seems that A vs. B is a 2D vs. 3D image. This easily shows the benefit of 3D photos for use in cells and is part of what the poster is trying to communicate!

  2. I think this is a good example of a well made research poster. Like you said it was able to draw you in with the colors, it contains all of the necessary information, and it’s laid out in a way that makes sense. I will say that the first thing that I noticed was the title, which at first glance I thought included the names as well, which made it look incredibly long. They should have differentiated the names from the title somehow so that other people don’t make the same mistake that I did. Other than that, I think they did a good job making their message clear and easy to take away. It does look a little cluttered, but aside from trying to be a bit more brief in their wording I don’t think that there is much that could have been done about this.

  3. The aspect of this poster I can’t stand is the repeated clipart image used as the blue header for each section. It just feels so heavy handed and lazy at the same time. Beyond that, though, I don’t mind the way this poster is laid out. There seems to be some inherent motion built in which keeps my eye moving around the frame. That title is abysmal though – it’s so crowded.

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