Too much of good information?


Is there such a thing with having too much of good information?

Since I am not on campus (I live on the west coast in the lovely state of California in the Bay Area). It took me some time to find “the” flyer that fit this week’s assignment. I found and chose this picture because of how much information there are for one flyer. Even though it was beautifully done, the flyer can use minor changes and improvement. There are a lot of detailed information (explanations and examples). We do not have that kind time and patience anymore, don’t we? We do not want to spend even ten minutes to read everything and try to recycle according to the flyer. I suspect many of us are recycling incorrectly and will continue to unless we actually take  the  time  to read  everything.

Color-wise and style-wise, they were done tastefully, yet too much information on one flyer kinda of ruined it. The font style was pretty much same all over the flyer. The arrow to the bin is barely noticeable (I probably would have used blue since the recycle bin is blue). I thought the text in red was obvious, which meant whatever were listed were a “no-no”. The images of items were good, not great, but good. I am not sure how big the printed flyer was, but it would have worked if it were a large flyer (11×14 or larger). If it was an 8.5×11 or 8.5×14, then it would not be a great flyer.

What would I change? Good question! I think I would try to, somehow, simplify the flyer. After a couple minutes of trying to decide on the changes I would do, I became overwhelmed with trying to think up of changes/improvements that would work. Maybe it is just me? There is one thing for sure is that the banner ad at the top did not seem to fit the flyer well. I would have done the banner differently by removing the images of bricks and windows and use the whole banner to hold the information of the name of the recycling program and move the bottom banner’s information in the top banner. The image of the code to scan was a nice way of telling people they could download and save the recycling information to their smart phones.

What kind of changes would you want to do to this visually busy flyer?


4 thoughts on “Too much of good information?

  1. To answer your question, normally I wouldn’t think there’s such a thing as too much good information. But with this poster, it’s actually really overwhelming. There is so much small print and I can barely read what it says. The colors are nice and clean but with text that small and so much going on, it’s really distracting and I feel like I wouldn’t be able to read any of it if I had seen it posted on a wall somewhere.

    The point of posters is to have short and sweet information, something that someone can read almost in passing, or at least read enough of it to catch their eye and make them stop to read the rest. If I saw this hung up on campus I don’t think I would stop to take a second look (unless it was about something I actually really need to know) just because there’s too much information and too much going on.

  2. I agree that this is way too much information. They did well with having the titles much larger, so that you can find them and the dividing lines do make it clear what information goes where. However, I think that having all that text makes it so busy and hard to focus on one thing. I think it would have been stronger if the design was either horizontal, or vertical, rather than both. I also think a lot of the information could have been provided elsewhere, most people know what metal, paper, and plastic is and do not need that much of a description,

  3. This is really a sore to my eyes therefore this is not going to represent itself well. There is way too much data and takes up so much space where they can preserve those space to add more pictures or even logo along with the characters. The font also was too tiny as if they were forcing terms in there to make it work. The visual communication was loud and clear but it wasn’t simple. This view is way too clutter for this and the top part didn’t just work well at all. I would have to think this was “pounding a dead meat” to make a delicious steak. There was no juice in this which lacked in the attention however the labeling was there.

  4. Hello janemfair,

    I enjoyed your illustration for this week. I believe you made some very valid points on how this poster is visually appealing and how it needs some improvements. For my reply I think I am going to answer your question, “What kind of changes would you want to do to this visually busy flyer?”

    I think you said it right in the questions, ‘busy’. This poster is too busy for my liking. I find that recycling and protecting our Earth is very interesting so this poster would catch my attention. However, it seems like there is just too much information. You mentioned, “We do not have that kind of time and patience anymore, don’t we?” I believe our generation needs quick and to the point facts. This poster needs to be bolder and have less information. Honestly, I would only read this if I were on the toilet because I would have time and it would be something to do. Other than that, there is just too much information to process or to even read in this case. The color schemes need to be more fluent with each other and the needs to be less clutter in terms of information and images. Like you mentioned, I too also like the idea of the scan bar code so that one can download this on their smartphone. The content is great, but just too much. If they can cut down the information and clean up the poster so that it is not too condensed, then it can be a more visually appealing poster.

    Good Work!

    Todd Skirving

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