Research Poster in Institute Hall



The Good: The organization of this poster is rather perfect, or as the notes would refer to it, “the template used” is rather perfect. As the Tiger catches your attention as you pass by, then you move “left to right” like we are all taught since we were small children and you read the Title. If the title intrigues your interests, then you more to the dark colored subtitle, “Abstract” and you read more about why the experiment was preformed and the hopes of what they would achieve. Then the poster flows very smoothly down the left column and over to the right column where the results are posted in a lot of different graphs (which contain a lot more information than a paragraph would), then you are at the conclusion and the presentation has taken care of itself. The smaller details really help accentuate the flow of this and the “ease of reading”. No three-dimensional graphs were used, only two-dimensional which are much faster to process for us as we have all seen them before. All graphs have proper text to allow for fast interpretation. LOTS of photos are used to set the stage for the reader, the entire procedure and aerogel construction section are both flow “charts: of just images. I also think a very conservative color scheme was chosen here, which I feel does not help the poster too much, but definitely avoided any chance of the colors being a hindrance to the reader. As they chose to keep a white background and use blue and orange as their two main colors.

The Bad: I personally think they should have avoided the Orange font on the right side, as the slides and material clearly state that light colored fonts are tiring on the readers eyes and distracting (hard to focus on). I also think that the pictures are good and bad, in the Aerogel Construction section is almost nothing but pictures, and the Procedure is a picture collage with a flow chart of short worded sentences. Now this may have been done on purpose to limit the amount of information you can obtain (thus keeping the procedure and exact aerogel used a secret until a patent can be obtained) but I highly doubt this was the intent and therefore this is a bad choice to represent those sections as it makes the experiment none-repeatable.


Overall a great idea, and cool experiment, just maybe should have teamed up with a media design major for some poster feedback!


2 thoughts on “Research Poster in Institute Hall

  1. I have to agree with what you wrote. The grid and layout is quite perfect and organized. It is designed in a way that leads the eye with minimal confusion. Many visuals help out a lot and make the information more enticing. However, the orange text is terrible. Orange is very hard to see, and especially when the type is that small. It would have helped even if they made the text larger or bold.

  2. Hello mikemccarroll51,

    I enjoyed your illustration for this week. I think you did a good job explaining the good and the bad. I agree with most of what you mentioned as well, while you related it back to the lecture slides. I believe this poster was organized in a fluent way where the viewer can follow with what is being presented. Like you mentioned, I feel if the reader was interested in the topic they would be more likely to keep reading. I am sure at some sort of science gathering or this being up in the science building, people will be more likely to actually stop and read this because they can relate to it. However, for me, I do not find much interest in this so I would be less likely to view it unless it was something the caught my attention. I may have stopped to read this if there was less information also. I feel sometimes the viewers are flooded with too much information and get ‘bored’. At the end of the day, this probably was not targeted at me anyway. It is important to reach your target audience in way that they can engage in the poster. I believe this poster as you mentioned would definitely reach out to those students who are interested in this topic. I also agree that they should stick to bold black lettering. The orange makes is hard to follow and tough on the eyes.

    Good Work!

    Todd Skirving

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