Personal Website- Eye Tracking

Valuable Study

I would absolutely love to do eye tracking on my personal website, in which I have many design projects. This website is my portfolio that I would show to employers or peers.

Why is eye tracking useful in studying this?

Design is all based on how the user will see it. It would be really useful to me to make sure my designs are interesting and cohesive. I would want to know where the users eyes go first and how long they stay around the piece.

Why would eye tracking work well?

It would be my intention that the designs on my website keep the eye moving along it and stay interested. I would also want to know that the hierarchy I designed was working well and that everything worked together and nobody got confused while looking at this.

Would it be better to have multiple methods?

I think it would be great to get both eye tracking as well as personal opinion, because their eyes may have been fidgety based on overwhelming design, but certain elements were enjoyed and should be kept within the design.

Organization of the Study

I would both like to use a device to track the eyes, as well as set up a survey for people to comment their own opinions. I would perform the eye tracking in a study room and have people volunteer for a small compensation.

Hopeful Discoveries

After the study, I would love to find out how to improve my design work and really get the perfection I need for employers to want my designs!

Challenges of the Study

A challenge I could see with this study is finding interest. Most people do not care much about another’s portfolio unless they are looking to hire them. Also it would be a problem if everyone has different opinions as each person has different opinions and may have different experience with looking at design work and websites. 20161020_123303


One thought on “Personal Website- Eye Tracking

  1. I love your idea to use it on your own site! That could be really beneficial, The information that you get could help you do some really cool data analytics on your site that could help you design or place things better on it. I agree that it could be hard to get people to participate in an eye tracking survey but you could just pay them a small amount or give them some sort of reward for helping you out! great post!

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