Eye Tracking – Store Displays


What’s the study? I think it would be important and interesting to see how different store displays affect how people look at them and what draws their attention in.

Would this be useful? I think this would benefit a lot of the stores because they would be able to better advertise their products that are new and ones that they might want to sell more of. This might also help with competition between other stores because if your displays are more appealing then people might make more purchases at your store.

Would it work well? I think that eye tracking would work well with this because we could see what mannequin if any are a point of focus or if people nowadays just look past them and ignore them when seeing a display. We could also see if different layouts, such as adding signs or more lights affect the attention that these displays might have.

Should there be multiple methods? I think that there doesn’t need to be multiple methods and I believe that if there were multiple methods you might end up getting too much data and not being able to accurately sort through all of it.

Organizing the study: In order to perform the study there would be multiple versions of a display for a particular store next to each other but just out of sight from one another so that the individual who was currently participating wouldn’t get distracted. According to that store they would place whatever they believed to help sell their product such as, signs, brand name, particular items, mannequins etc.

For this to be successful, we would gather a large audience from a wide variety of background such as different class levels, genders, ages, etc. They would be separated into groups depending upon the amount of displays and each group would start at a different display first. That way they aren’t all looking at the same display first.

The eye tracking will help us determine where in the display got the most attention and what worked well when compared to all of the displays.

What do you hope to discover? I would hope to learn what current trends in store displays gain the most attention because that could potentially raise attendance at stores which could lead to higher profits. We could figure this out because the longer someone focuses on a particular aspect of the display the longer they analyzed it and in the end result the store did get them to look at that particular object and think about it, which is one of their main goals.

What are some challenges? I think some challenges of this could be that the individuals could get tired of looking at the displays or they might not be interested in whatever is being displayed which could cause negative results. They might also have predetermined opinions of a brand which could sway the results in some way. While I would expect some outliers I think that this study would be an interesting one to complete.


2 thoughts on “Eye Tracking – Store Displays

  1. I think a nice addition to the your study idea is the inclusion of moving mannequins. Our group’s article talked about the different reactions people had to static and animated advertisements. Perhaps some people prefer rotating mannequin stands over still ones.

  2. I definitely think this is a great idea. I don’t know about everyone else but when it comes to shopping I want to see the discounts I don’t want to have to search for them. There are times I walk into stores and I think to myself how awfully those signs are displayed. I think this would be a great study to have different places for advertisements but I do agree that it can be overwhelming, peoples eyes would get tired.

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