Eye Tracking of GPS GUI

Studying the eye tracking of the GUI of a GPS system is a prudent and valuable endeavor. Distracted driving is a common, and very serious issue on our modern world, of powerful mobile devices. Therefore, in the creation of a GUI of a GPS system it is of upmost importance for the designers to provide the user with critical information without them fixating on the screen for long. Therefore, a tacking the eye movements of GPS users will provided information where users eyes get fixated and the length of time the eyes are fixated. The data provided by such a study can provide designers with information of the eye movements on the screen which they can use to optimize the placement of GUI elements with the outcome of reducing the amount of time the user is not looking at the screen, and spend more time looking at the road.


A study of the eye tracking would be very practical, and easy to conduct. In each trial subjects would hav
e to drive a route in a car equipped with eye tracking software, and a GPS system. It would be important for the subjects to drive in an unfamiliar route, therefore they forced to rely on the GPS for their navigation. In addition, in each of the different trials the GUI of the GPS system would have to locate the information into different locations on the screen, in order to see the response to the changes eye movements of the subjects.

In closing the study of the eye tracking of users of GPS system would provide a great deal of insight of the impact of the location of the elements of a GPS GUI. The insights that may be provided of such a study has the potential of curb the public safety problem of distracted driving, by optimizing the usability of GPS systems. This is a test of libre office and how good it is


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