Uber is Planning to Grow!

When first looking at this I was instantly thinking how nerdy it was. Asking myself “who really cares” and “what is the big deal with this ugly thing, it reminds me of the spy kids?” The picture itself is pleasing to look at. The way the blades are captured moving and the background is blurred out makes my eye draw right towards the main focus of this picture, the aircraft. It made me annoyed with where the future is going because when will the line be drawn with all this technology?!

I asked a random stranger while waiting in line, at Starbucks on my way to work, to quick give me a few of her opinions about this picture I had on my phone. Her name is Sarah. She is in her early 40’s. Her son is just graduating high school and he wants to be an engineer (he would have been perfect to ask if he was there). She said it reminds her about where the future is going and how it kind of scares her. She said it reminded her of the Jetson’s. She thought it was a cool picture as well, and liked how she called it a “helicopter” really stood out. This lead her to believe the article was about helicopters and if they were going to take over in the future, and if they were how the technology would be different. Also like a new car launch, that’s what she thought this was going to be about but on helicopters.

The article in short was mainly about Uber and creating a new aircraft to a broader sense of means to get around. So Uber, an app for taxis is trying to develop an aircraft that takes off itself to offer you more variety to get you around? ridiculous. Definitely would not trust that.  After telling that briefly because we bother were rushing she agreed with me and said “no way I would test that.”

I didn’t get a picture sadly. We both were rushing, her more than I. We both said our goodbyes and I kind of felt rude asking her to take a picture and make her rush even more. I did the assignment again after interviewing another stranger at Panera. In hopes to get a picture, I got through with the interview and ask to take her picture and she did not feel comfortable with that, so that plan completely backfired!  So I stuck with Sarah’s response, it was cooler anyways!


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One thought on “Uber is Planning to Grow!

  1. My gosh, it really does remind me of Sky Kids as well!

    I think it’s very interesting that both you and Sarah seem adverse to technological advancement and the future of it.

    Is the idea of Uber developing a helicopter-like device really so crazy? You write it off as ridiculous, while I see it as progress. It took civilization tens of thousands of years until 1903 to be able to leave the ground and take to the sky with the Wright Brothers. Sixty-six years later, we had landed on the moon. I’m sure at the time these leaps with technology seemed outlandish, grand, and “ridiculous.” They really seem to have pushed us in the right direction, though. Why settle for anything less?

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