Cell Press Magazine

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Cell Press magazine, Volume 167, Issue 1
September 22, 2016

Image explanation (caption or explanation in the magazine):
The photo on the front cover magazine does not have an image explanation but have provided a text description online about the cover magazine below as you can see. This colorful photo is to reflect the vintage comic book and represents Brequinar as a hero that is battling with the dihydroorotate dehydrogenase (DHODH) by freeing cells from a bone marrow. There are people that gets sick with leukemia, or anemia, or other diseases rely on the bone marrow in order to survive. Bone marrow would not be able to function accordingly if it is being affected by a disease. David F. Tan from Toronto, Canada created this cover art.

My reaction (thoughts):
As Halloween is fast approaching, my friends and me were discussing about the Halloween costumes for this year the other day. I was browsing the Internet and as soon as I came across this photo, I was inspired by the photo and immediately felt curious about the front cover. I loved how creative any magazines can get especially this one using comic book as an inspiration, which is one way to attract more readers. Before reading the text description, my first impression is that I thought this photo had no meaning behind it but simply uses comic book theme as one way to celebrate the upcoming holiday (Halloween). I was confused too because I have never heard of the “Cell” magazine before.

Stranger reaction (thoughts):
When I asked Jacob about what he thinks of the photo, he was confused but captivated from his first glance. He thought that it was neat to use superhero image to help readers expand their vision better. Not only that, he was being a good sport by asking questions and discussing about the image with me. Even if he is studying Accounting which is completely different from his interests in the world of science, he was able to share his knowledge about different terms to describe diseases and conditions from his previous class. It was an interesting conversation with him because he had a family member that was going through the same issue with the bone marrow.

Stranger description (gender/age/major/interesting about that person):
I had this photo printed out and went straight to business building lobby to do my homework just in case I might meet somebody that I do not know who. I saw this student who was sitting across from the same table as me so I quickly showed him the photo.
Name: Jacob Tancredi
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Major: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Accounting
Interesting fact: We both finally realized that we are in the same major but have never recognize each other. Jacob will graduate this December and do his internship in Indiana this spring for full semester.

Comparison between reactions (if my reaction differs from the stranger):
As stated above, Jacob was confused when he first saw the front cover photo so did I. However, I do feel that we have reacted in almost same way and that we both were curious about learning more and was able to discuss our perspectives on the photo with each other. In addition to his reaction, he thought that colorful art on the front cover was the reason why he wanted to learn more and I thought the same thing because I would not have spend time in reading about this photo if I was not at all interested. Our curiosity has us talking a good length of time.

Photo of my stranger: 



One thought on “Cell Press Magazine

  1. You raise a good point here about the power visual communication to raise awareness of scientific issues. The stranger that you showed this piece to, is not of a science of field. Therefore, on can assume is interest in the field is not high. Yet when he saw this photo he reattached so “that we both were curious about learning more and was able to discuss our perspectives”. Without this visual this reaction, and discussion would not have occurred. Visual have the power to bring discussion, and thoughts of scientific matter to everyone.

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