Brain Butterflies


This image comes from the cover of  Monitor on Psychology.

I found the cover to be interesting because butterflies have very little to do with psychology. I suppose they were just there because butterflies are associated with good feelings, but it is still strange to see them all by themselves, and in such close up detail. Such a detailed image of an insect would usually be found in a science magazine rather than a psychology one.

My stranger did not have much to say about the cover. He liked the contrast between the orange and blue butterflies.

My stranger is a friend of one of my roommates. His name is Rick and is in his 20s.

My reaction to the cover was based more on the reason for the image it displayed, while Rick focused more on the composition of the image itself.


3 thoughts on “Brain Butterflies

  1. Though I don’t study psychology, I’m curious if butterflies could be symbolic of it. The transformative nature of that creature, and the way they change from one animal to another is mesmerizing. I could definitely see it as a metaphor for changing mindsets and temperaments in psychology, etc.

    The stranger you found looks so adverse to being in that situation – sort of reminds me of a mugshot.

  2. I think a lot of times textbook covers have more to do with being visually pleasing than conveying what the book contains. I’m struggling to come up with images relating to psychology that would look good and make sense given the context.

    I agree, the butterflies would look more fitting on a science magazine.

  3. Textbook covers are hard to analyze but I think with this cover it was more focused on being aesthetically pleasing and neutral to psychology in general. On the other hand, butterflies have a lot of symbolism and meaning behind them, many of those things related to psychology and how the brain works, etc. so it could be symbolic of that as well.

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