Antarctic findings


This image is of Antarctica, as may be apparent from the vastness of ice. This goes along with an article describing the recent findings of leaves frozen in ice within the barren continent. My personal thoughts about this picture leave me getting an idea that it is possibly Antarctica due to the only visuals being water and ice vibrantly shown in very cool colors. However I personally could not relate what this picture would’ve had in common with the article other than that.

The person I questioned was someone who lives in the same apartment complex as I do. He is 20 years old and also a student at RIT, oddly enough, named Alex. When he first looked at the photo he noticed the cool color palette as did I. I found this interesting as it was the first thing both he and I noticed. He also quickly noticed the water and ice and related it to the location. While I didn’t catch it from just the visuals, he though thought it was relating to global warming, something that I hadn’t originally tied to it just based off of the image.

From this “experiment” i was very intrigued at just how much similarity I found in the image as did the person I questioned.




One thought on “Antarctic findings

  1. I too noticed the rich blue colors first, followed by the water and ice. Personally, I don’t think that this would go very well with the article because it’s rather plain and gives you no idea what the article is about besides Antarctica. I would have rather seen the picture of the leaf or maybe even the animals because that way they are at least hinting in the general idea of life in Antarctica. I’m also not a big fan of how dark the image is, it makes it seem depressing.

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