Argument Ad


I found this advertisement in an old magazine my mom had. I think its from when ebooks were most popular, as that is what it is advertising. I love the juxtaposition of the book and the woman so that it does look like she is completely immersed in the story, at the same time playing off becoming someone else as you read the story of the character.

Grounds: When you read, characters are introduced and their stories are told. Each character is different, interesting, and the story follows their path, everything they do and think, as well as how they act and look.

Warrant: Reading a book will make you feel like someone else. As you read all about the character, you may start to feel like you are actually in the story. All the details come together to make the reader fall in.

Inference: Books with strong characters can be enjoyable because they will show you what it is like to be in someone elses shoes. It is fun to feel like someone else for a little while. Books fully take you in and consume your full attention when they are really good. The advertisement is pushing this idea.

Final Conclusion: Reading books is a great way to get a break from your own life and live someone elses. The reading experience will be enjoyable because of this. The reader can relate to the character all while living the story of the book and feeling like they are experiencing what the character may be feeling. The advertisement overall argues that reading these books will be a great experience because you will feel like someone else.


One thought on “Argument Ad

  1. For some reason, seeing the image of the woman with her face buried in the book reminds me of how people complain that millennials are always buried in their smart phones. While the similarities between being immersed in a good story and being immersed in a smart phone are pretty scarce, checking messages and information on a phone is surprisingly similar to reading through a newspaper. Both display news (depending on what apps and sites the phone is on), both have games like crossword puzzles or Angry Birds, and both are known for being used by everyone. Smart phones are very much like modern newspapers, just like the ebook ad is saying that ebooks are the modern equivalent of books.

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