Visual Argument: Yankee Candle


Different people purchase candles for different reasons, so they use different methods for choosing which ones to buy. I, for one, select candles based on their scent alone, but I know that many other people choose to select their candles based on how it will look in their home, and the general vibe that is given off by its color, label, and name. Nearly every label provides a visual argument to some extent. This one specifically, however, does so in how it suggests that by purchasing it, one can bring a little bit of a tropical vacation into their home.

Grounds: Customers are looking for something to improve their home in some way, possibly by bringing a reminder of the tropics to their home, through color, visuals, name, or scent.

Warrant: The product uses the color blue, which reminds customers of the ocean. It also includes a picture of the ocean and two tropical beverages, bringing to mind the relaxation associated with a tropical vacation. It is also aptly named “Bahama Breeze.”

Inference: This product implies that you can bring the relaxation associated with a tropical vacation into your home by simply purchasing this candle.

Conclusion: By purchasing this candle, you won’t bring the tropics themselves into your home, but you can improve the mood and create an atmosphere of relaxation that reminds you of the tropics.


One thought on “Visual Argument: Yankee Candle

  1. I think picking a scented candle was an interesting choice for something that has a visual argument. Candles like this are advertised with pictures associated with the smell the candle holds. The label connects the sense of smell with the sense of sight. We associate visuals like this with tropical feelings. The combination of frozen, colorful alcoholic drinks with an ocean landscape combined gives a fuller description. We also usually associate the color blue with something more refreshing.

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