Visual Argument: Ginger Root


I purchased this product a long time ago because I heard ginger was great for nausea. As a kid I was always given Tums but honestly eating those makes me want to throw up a lot of the time from the taste. Ginger root is really hyped up so I figured I’d go with that. I haven’t had to use this product enough to say whether or not it’s better than Tums but the connection is there in my mind.

This product supports the idea that consumers will often look towards traditional, natural cures for various ailments rather than going straight for a pharmaceutical solution.

The colors used (green, brown, yellow) are indicative of a natural supplement. The brand, “Nature’s Way” supports this idea.

This product is aimed at customers who are looking for a natural / healthy way to deal with nausea.

Final Claim:
Nature’s Way suggests that using this product will help with nausea, “soothe digestion” in a healthy and safe manner.


One thought on “Visual Argument: Ginger Root

  1. I can’t stand the taste of Tums either, and I love taking ginger for an upset tummy, except I use fresh grated or dried and candied. So I relate really well to this visual argument!

    By showing the image of the fresh ginger root on the container, the label argues that the product inside is as natural and good for you as fresh ginger — which is probably is, but any consumer would be leery of taking a capsule product. Since pills are already associated with chemicals or other medicines, the label needed to include the image of the ginger as a little extra “push” for depicting the product as natural and healing. The visual argument, as subtle as it may be, is still there — good job for noticing this one!

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