Visual Argument


Visual Argument

After reviewing this week’s slides and article, I was able to find another advertisement from a magazine that fits under visual argument. My last post had a visual argument, however, I felt it had maybe too many words helping along the viewer. This advertisement uses a very good visual to get its points across to the viewers.


The evidence for accepting the argument is the scratched bag of Temptations. Cats will not be able to resist these tasty treats.


This advertisement uses the warrant of cause, which is using a cause-effect analysis to support a claim. The claim is “Cat’s Can’t Resist”. The cause is why something happens and that is because of the irresistible bag of Temptations. The effect is what happens and the ripped bag of Temptations shows how crazy cats are for these treats.


This advertisement implies that cats cannot resist the tasty flavor of Chicken Temptations. Having a ripped bag shows they will do anything to get them.

Final Claim/Conclusion:

By buying a bag of Temptations, you will have one happy pet cat. “Cats Can’t Resist” the tasty flavors of Temptations.


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