Visual Arguement: Apple Watch

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In the world of technology, companies are starting to understand that the way to catch attention of the younger generation is by getting involved in media. While scrolling through Instagram, I came across an Apple Watch advertisement that was relying almost entirely on visualization to push its product. The ad has a caption that reads “Introducing Apple Watch Series 2. Designed for all the ways you move”. This advertisement came across as a visual argument to me because of the way it seems to imply that purchasing the product would motivate you to workout more and to bring out the stronger, healthier you. With all of the features that apple watch has including viewing texts, incoming calls, and looking at images, it was intriguing to me that they decided to advertise only the element relating to health in this ad.

Grounds: This advertisement supports the idea that people are looking for healthier options and an overall healthier life style. The ad is saying that by owning and purchasing an Apple Watch, you’re healthy lifestyle can begin because “all the ways you move” can be monitored and tracked.

Warrant: This ad is using generalization to help warrant its ideas. It is citing the specific example (a muscular man, lifting, while wearing the watch) to prove a general statement that having an Apple Watch may influence you into a healthier lifestyle.

Inference: This ad uses an abductive argument based on probable inference. This is because the ad is implying that all of your activities can be tracked with the apple watch and therefore one may be inspired to do more activities and see more results on their watch and help lead them to a healthier lifestyle.

Final Conclusion: By owning an Apple Watch, ones healthy choices in their lifestyle will be accentuated because of the tracking done on the watch and therefore their choices may continue to lead this healthy lifestyle.


2 thoughts on “Visual Arguement: Apple Watch

  1. Apple company tends come up with great and clever visual arguments. They have several powerful ads that are simple yet informative enough. A lot, if not all, of Apple ads seem are based on the 3 major components of argument:
    premises, inferences, and conclusion as mentioned in this week’s reading assignments. I saw an ad for FitBit and one day I decided I wanted one just to see how many steps I did on a daily basis. So my husband and I got ourselves a FitBit. That little thingy changed my husband, but not as much for me, haha. Anyway, great post Anna.

  2. Apple is just as much a marketing company as they are a technology company. They have a strong focus on compelling visuals when it comes to marketing their products. The way they have marketed the apple watch is no different, They show people using it in several physical activities to make people want to use it for those activities. Apple does this in a way time after time that showcases the product which is key.

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