Visual Argument: Waist Trainer

comm341While waiting to make a recent purchase, I noticed many As Seen on TV products, and this was one that caught my eye. Many of the products promised to change or enhance a feature that you may be unhappy with and with this specific product it targets those who might want to look slimmer in a fast and easy way. I think this product is able to target customers that want to have a similar hourglass figures as some celebrities since that body shape is very popular.

This product has before and after photos that implies once you have their waist trainer on, you will have an instant hourglass figure. This gives consumers the idea that no matter what their body shape currently is, they will be able to achieve the same effect.

This product supports the idea that their consumers are looking for a fast and easy way to look slimmer. By wearing their product, consumers can achieve an hourglass figure in just a few minutes.

By using before and after images, consumers are able to see the results they should receive when using the waist trainer.

This product implies that the targeted audience are looking for a quick way to look slimmer.

Final Claim/Conclusion:
By using this product, the company suggests someone will have the appearance of a slimmer and hourglass figure, no matter their body type.


4 thoughts on “Visual Argument: Waist Trainer

  1. It is such a perfect timing to share your visual argument regarding waist trainer. So many people that I know are claiming to make a purchase as soon as possible before the holidays. However, I have been hearing that it takes an extra amount of effort to use the waist trainer and like what you see as a result when it reshapes your waist in a few days (not minutes). As you have mentioned in your “warrant” section about consumers are able to achieve their results at the end of its waist training, do you know anyone in your circle that have gone through the same thing? I am curious to see if this training really works. Your thoughts that were put into this discussion was categorized and well put.

  2. The pictures of before and after look almost painful. The picture of the women’s waists look like they were cropped to make their waists appear unreasonably small… for their body build, shape, and size, that is. Sometimes exaggerated pictures are either convincing or unconvincing. To me, it is obvious the pictures of their waists were cropped. I would be amazed if they actually work and do not have side effect from wearing them. Well done, Janel!

  3. This packaging is using before and after photos to convince women who want a slimmer waist that this product is a quick fix. The images are clearly poorly and unrealistically altered in order to obtain an unrealistic result. However the exaggeration allows the intended result to be more obvious.

  4. This product really frustrates me. This particular product is a cheap version of the kind of waist trainers used and advertised by celebrities like the Kardashian’s and they are a painful unnecessary product. I’m sorry but this is 2016 not the 1500’s people should be smart enough to understand that not everyone is going to have an hourglass shape and it is not necessary to make a women look beautiful. People should also realize that you are not going to automatically obtain an hourglass shape just by putting this on. All in all I find this product’s packaging insulting to women’s intelligence and the product itself frustrating when society has been making strides in positive body image among women this brings us back to the 1500’s.

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