Visual Argument: Political Cartoon

I came across this cartoon and thought that it fit very nicely with the idea of visual arguments. In the cartoon you can see a women who is suppose to be Hillary holding the football for Charlie Brown. As many of us know, it’s usually Lucy who holds the football and then right at the last second takes the football away so that Charlie then falls on his back or hurts himself. This causes Charlie Brown to not trust Lucy that much when it comes to this type of game.

This cartoon is very simple for the majority of people to understand because a lot of people in the United States know who Charlie Brown is and especially this scene in the show. It helps make it more easily understandable for a lot of people especially because they decided to use simple words on the ball that have been in the news recently around Hillary. I feel like they could have made it even better if they put a “Vote for Hillary” button on her shirt or maybe a button with her slogan on it.


Grounds: The football with the emails and secrecy. It’s been proven now that she has indeed tried to hide those aspects during her campaign.

Warrant: The football with the word campaign on it. This makes the voters have to think about whether or not Hillary is indeed lying about her campaign or what she plans on doing.

Inference: This puts the voters in a tough position because while before they might have trusted Hillary and tried to “kick the football” it makes them think about whether or not they can trust her now.

Final Claim/Conclusion: “Go Ahead… What, don’t you trust me?” It’s all about the idea of trust now with this cartoon and its up to the voters (Charlie Brown) to decide whether or not to trust Hillary especially because they have trusted her before. It’s encouraging the voters to think before trusting her again and maybe reanalyze the situation.

*In no way am I recommending or encouraging any viewers to vote in one particular matter and this cartoon post doesn’t mean I side with either candidate*



3 thoughts on “Visual Argument: Political Cartoon

  1. I really like this visual argument you found and how it relates to politics today. from what I interpret from this visual argument is that they are trying to see where the reader will take their view after them restating the issues that have been seen with Hillary Clinton, She is asking for us to trust her and not to take into account the issues that she has caused with her email and private server. it also brings into question the security risks that she brings into the office is she was to become president.

  2. I actually really enjoyed seeing this political cartoon because it absolutely relates to politics and what we’ve seen during this presidential campaign. Running off your comment about this campaign and whether or not Hillary is lying or not. We’ve witnessed time and time and time again, candidates promise to do so much, but typically never fulfill their promises once elected. They lie and persuade the voters to join their campaign and vote for them. And as much as we know they’ll never actually carry out their promises, we have no other choice but to vote for them and think it’s possible; that maybe this election, this candidate may be different when it never is.

  3. I think this cartoon is an awesome example for visual argument! It is so current and portrays how I think a lot of people are feeling about this election in general. I think it exactly depicts how a lot of people feel about Hilary all of those chances we have given her to hold the ball in place and all of the times she has lied about us being able to trust her, however if anyone is familiar with Charlie Brown he always does try to kick that football no matter how many times Lucy pulls it away just before he kicks it. So I feel this cartoon also shows that most likely Hilary will win because we have more trust in her than Trump. In the words of my boyfriends father, “Better to trust the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” Not saying I am actually even decided on who I will vote for come November 8th because I have little faith in either candidate, but I do think this is the way many American’s think and this carton also in my mind conveys that.

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