How Long will you Dodge the Bullet?

I was a smoker for 15 years when I decided to quit in 2012 as this year marks my fourth year as a non-smoker.  I dodged a bullet knowing that I am healthy now in comparison to before as a smoker.  I was not in good health and I realized that my health took a turn for the worse each time I decided to smoke a cigarette.  My doctor told me that I wouldn’t have much longer to live if I continued to smoke.  I decided to stop smoking which benefited me in my health as it was a start in living smoke free, I knew that I would be able to breathe better, do more things and be more health conscious.  It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t hard.  The hardest part was to actually quit and the easiest part was knowing that my health was my number one priority which motivated me to quit cold turkey.  I also am living proof that you can put your mind to anything and if it means quitting smoking, you have the ability to.  If I didn’t stop smoking, I would be dead in the coffin with an open wound in my lungs just as a bullet kills people but in this case, by cigarette.

Grounds – “Cigarettes can kill just as bullets” The fact that cigarettes can kill us just as bullets can, this poster questions how long one can dodge the bullet before their life is taken.

Warrants – “Smoking is like putting a bullet in your body” The poster shows the smoker that cigarettes are dangerous and they need to really consider what the consequences are before they put a cigarette in their mouth.

Inference – “Smoking can lead to a lifetime of problems” The poster also illustrates that the more you smoke and ignore your health, the more your health will decline and it may eventually end up in an untimely death when one least expects it.

Conclusion – “Dodging the bullet” We can look at this poster and say wow, if we were to quit today, we will be able to dodge a bullet to our health.  We want to be able to understand the correlation between cigarettes and bullets which that is ‘it does kill’.  Encourages the viewer to understand that there are deadly consequences if one doesn’t quit or consider the


2 thoughts on “How Long will you Dodge the Bullet?

  1. This is a really powerful image. By juxtaposing the bullet and the cigarette, the ad really paints the picture that cigarettes are just as deadly as a bullet. The use of visual metaphor in this advertisement is interesting because it contributes to the argument itself: Bullets kill. Cigarettes are bullets. Cigarettes kill.

    It seems like a lot of health-related advertisements take this approach of using a “shock tactic” to bring its message across. Think of the cliche “these are a smoker’s lungs” images. With as blunt and direct as this advertisement is, it is clear that this argument is so much more effective with it’s highly graphic, almost violent, visuals.

    Also, congratulations on the four years! Keep it up!!

  2. Woah! This is probably the best quit smoking ad I have seen for just a still picture. I can think of a lot of powerful ads about smoking and the ones where they have people talking through a hole in their throat into the robotic microphone. Those messages/ commercials are very verbal in the sense that it brings home that those people are regular humans like you and me, and they never thought they would be talking through that hole. But smoking cigarettes brought them to that point and now their voice forever sounds robotic. However that is a verbal argument, complemented by the visual of what it looks like to have that hole in your throat.

    But for a stand alone visual argument, this poster/ad is breathe taking. It makes you stop and stare instantly. As you stare at the poster you realize that the bullets on top have all the firing pin marks on them signaling that they have been fired already. Metaphorically fired into the throat and lungs of the human that smoked them. Then you start to be bombarded with all the visuals you see on TV or in real life of the vast devastation that occurs from guns and the mass media coverage on the shootings and killings with guns (bullets). As if that is not bad enough then the rest of the poster is filled with full cigarettes and you get to correlate those horrid images in your head with this stack of cigarettes.

    An extremely well combined visual argument, and congrats on making that huge life change and being smoke free!

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