Paris Heating and Cooling


I chose this advertisement because it is relatable, everyone needs at least heat in their home for the cold season we have coming up, and because it is the beginning of fall and this advertisement depicts a very cute scene of a mother and daughter in a fall setting.


The main wording in this advertisement other than the name of the company is, “You need to be comfortable. You deserve the best.  The wording is strategically placed right below the photo of the mother and daughter.  Anyone who has a family will scroll with their eyes down this ad and feel compelled by the wording because everyone believes their family deserves the best.  The other main wording in this ad is the quote on the top of the page, “Your heating and cooling experts since 1985.” Using the word “your” makes the view feel closer to the company and by using their founding date it give the company more creditability.


Mother and daughter

The mother looks like a young attractive mother probably in her early 30s or maybe even late 20s. She is blond with her hair pinned up has a trendy fall top on. She looks like the “perfect” young mother.

The daughter also looks young probably between 4 and 6. She is also blond with butterfly clips in her hair and has a cute halloween costume on.  She looks like the sweetest young daughter to pretty much ever exist.

Facial Expressions:

Both the daughter and the mother have large adorable smiles on their faces and are looking straight at the camera.  They look like they are extremely happy and comfortable in their environment which is kind of the point of the ad, to make the viewer think if they want their family to be this happy, comfortable, and cute they should use the Paris heating and cooling business.


The mother and daughter are in a kitchen and everything is a nice clean white around them aside from halloween decorations in the background.  The pumpkin in the foreground of the ad is nicely carved with unrealistically little to no mess around it.   There are some pumpkin carving tools next to the pumpkin on a cutting board and the mother and daughter both have a hand on one tool in the pumpkin.  At first look the setting seems to be the perfect halloween photo.



All of the colors in this ad are very festive and fall and halloween.  The white kitchen is the perfect background and pretty much all of the colors from the decorations in the background to the cloths the mother and daughter are wearing are orange and black.  Keeping very true to the theme of the ad but also looking at these colors brings you to the time of year when it starts to get darker earlier and colder, almost kind of a spooky time of year where the viewer would want to make sure their family is comfortable.  All by using these colors the viewer has this reaction and might feel more compelled to use this service.


All in all I feel this advertisement targets families and would be very effective.





One thought on “Paris Heating and Cooling

  1. At first when I looked at this ad I didn’t quite seem to get it. Now that you separated and explained each aspect, I understand why the company chose to create it this way. For someone looking for heating and cooling in their house, they’re going to want a respectable and reliable company to help them. The mother at daughter are at the perfect age and have the “right” look to be seen as credible customers and someone people can trust that if this family’s home was done by this company, their home should be done by this company too.

    The comments are very strategically placed and the fact that they are not overbearing with text makes it easier to read and comprehend. That was a smart move on the company’s part because people reading the paper tend to get bored and move on quickly if there’s too much text info in an ad.

    Overall, a good choice for this assignment!

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