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Business card are a very wide spread form of advertisements that for most occurrences are left pretty plain and mono-color. This one on the other hand is very different from that. Instead of being white with a logo and a name or just a solid color PAD or Precision Auto Detail decided to make their really pop. They still do the formalities such as the company logo and someones name but they use a vibrant picture to tell more about their company.

The company specializes in detailing super cars and exotic cars, but they somewhat frequently have common everyday cars when they aren’t busy. For the symbol of the kind of cars they focus on, being exotics they picked a a Porsche Cayman GT4 which is smart of them. The price of GT4’s currently are around $100k, so it tells people that they work on cars of this magnitude. Having a lower end price car on their over something much more expensive is much less intimidating for people who bring in their more affordable cars.

The picture has 2 main parts, the washed out green and red background and the bright blue car. Because of this contrast, eyes are drawn towards the car which help portray the company’s focus of exotics.


4 thoughts on “Car shops

  1. Jak – I have to disagree with your point regarding business cards. I do not believe the majority of cards are plain and single colored. I’ve seen plenty of colorful and busy designs in the business cards of creative fields. This business card does work to set itself apart by printing a full bleed picture, though. It is very eye-catching. I wish the salesman’s name wasn’t so apparent, though.

    Do you have an image of the back of the card? I would be interested to see the contact information and how it’s designed.

  2. I think you make a good point about the power of their choice of car the subject of the photo. Having a picture of a Porsche Cayman has two effects. The first effect is the one you mentioned, this picture of the Porsche make the owners of these exotic car more comfortable will bringing their expensive cars in. The second effect is that it makes the owners of more reasonable everyday cars, that their automobiles will receive a level of car that usually is reserved for the exotics.

  3. I think you make two really good points here. First, you addressed the business card format. While more often than not we see business cards in a formal setting, where they are simply text and a logo on a plain background, that doesn’t have to be the way we use them. This is a good example of that. This business is using the business card to show more than just their contact information, but also set a standard for the quality of work that they do.

    Second, the image that is used on the business card carries a very specific message. It tells customers that if they have an exotic car, they will receive a level of service that is appropriate for their vehicle. It also suggests to customers who do not have an exotic car that they will receive a superior level of service because of PAD’s experience with higher end cars.

  4. It’s definitely an interesting business card. You’re right in that most of the time you see very plain or solid color cards with the exact information you need to contact the person or company. I like that this is different and it makes the card stand out for sure. It’s imperative that they still add the necessary information on the card but why not spice up the colors or add an awesome picture and have some fun with it? Great idea for this post.

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