Virtual Reality Ad

I choose to analyze this advertisement about Boxx and their developments in virtual reality. Below are some of my notes.



This advertisement carries big blocky lettering on the top of the page. It is a three word alliteration that says “Design. Develop. Deploy.” It has a tag line underneath that emphasizes the words “virtual reality”.


Very low key lighting where the background is almost unable to be seen with clear detail.


masculine man

In his twenties

facial hair

large adams apple

generic grey T-shirt

fascinated expression


There is a ver bulky strong, highly specular objects in background to simulate a world that could be explored surrounding the man.

Masculine semiotic elements-

regular focus, bottom- up camera angle, dark and metallic


The denotation of this advertisement is that by using this virtual reality head set, we will literally feel emerged within this world.


The goal of this ad is to show the power and the fascination of virtual reality, powered by Boxx computers. It is also driving the fantasy of the full emersion of this upcoming technology.


2 thoughts on “Virtual Reality Ad

  1. Nice find with this ad! I thought your notes regarding the model in this advertisement were interesting. You picked apart nearly ever aspect of the model selection besides race. I believe this is an important aspect to mention in the ‘character’ section, as it may help us read into the target audience.

    In the background – isn’t that a transformer or machine man of some sort? Your noted semiotic elements and denotation seemed spot on, as was your goal. This ad really aims to show the viewer how immersive VR can be for the user.

  2. This ad does a decent job of conveying a sense of wonder. I also agree with what Chris said, the model chosen is meant to be a representation of the target audience.The whole ad is pretty bold with the choice of font and how it’s worded.

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