Recycling Soda Bottles





Denotation – Bright red, dark red, white, & orange.

Connotation – This limited range of colors is what helps people recognize the brand of soda that this ad is owned by.  The simple usage of the 2 colors makes it easier to read & delivers a clearer message. The only reason orange is present is because the college of RIT is allowing Coca-Cola to put a sign up on their campus.



Denotation – The only object in the ad is a bottle of Coca-Cola’s soda.

Connotation – Since there are no other objects in the ad, the soda bottle will be noticed more by it’s viewers.



Denotation – The soda bottle is only partially shown to the viewer.

Connotation – The only part of the bottle that is shown is the part that has the logo on it. This ensures that the viewer knows exactly who made the product, while leaving enough of the product visible to be identifiable.


Gestalt Principles

Denotation – Closure

Connotation – The Gestalt principle of closure occurs when an object is incomplete, but enough of the shape is indicated, that viewers can fill in the missing information on their own. Although the panda above is not complete, enough is present for the eye to complete the shape.


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