Nature’s Recipe Dog Food

The advertisement shown below is from a Petco coupon book I received when I told them I had adopted a dog. Although the picture itself doesn’t say, the advertisement is for Nature’s Recipe Dog Food. Being a new dog owner, I think this advertisement would have worked for me if I hadn’t already purchased other dog food.


Wording: “Feed them with tomorrow in mind.”

  • Big bold letters across the top of the advertisement
  • “Tomorrow in mind” is emphasized
  • Making the reader feel concerned about the dog’s health and future
    • Or their own dog’s health and future
  • Almost ensures the reader of the dog’s future when given Nature’s Recipe Dog Food


  • Darker and more calming colors such as blue, brown, and the off-white coloring
  • Makes the setting where the man and dog are appear older
  • The texture of the wording also appears worn and older as well

The Man:

  • Clearly an older man
  • Carrying the dog on his shoulders as if it is older as well
  • Concerned look on the man’s face
    • Likely because of the book he is reading, but makes me begin to feel concerned about the dogs health.
  • He is reading to the dog, which shows he cares


  • The overall goal of this advertisement is for the customer/reader to be concerned about their dog’s health and future and therefore, go buy Nature’s Recipe Dog Food with the coupons on the following page in the coupon book. The wording is there to convince the reader that the dog food will ensure their dog will be around another day. Obviously we all want our pets to be around as long as possible so a dog food advertisement like the one above is convincing. There was a website listed on the bottom of the advertisement that I cropped out, but it was there so the reader could go online to find more information on the product.

3 thoughts on “Nature’s Recipe Dog Food

  1. I think the best thing about this ad is that it is very touching to the observer. The components of this ad come together to make the viewer observe a very loving relationship between a man and his dog, which is very uplifting, but also effective in selling the product.

    Any ad with cute pets is going to appeal to most people, because of their personal histories with animals and how favorably they feel towards the relationships between a pet owner and a pet. The same goes for the man in the picture. He looks like a kind and caring older man, and again will most likely inspire warm feelings in people because of their associations with grandparents or other similar people in their lives. Their caring relationship is shown here, by the physical closeness of the man and dog as well as by the kindness exhibited by reading together.
    Finally, like you mentioned, the wording helps inspire concern in the viewer for their pet’s future. All of the components of this ad make the viewer think about the heartwarming relationship with their pet, and makes them really desire to make sure their pet is healthy and happy and well fed.

  2. This add is very powerful. I agree with your statement that the tagline “Feed them with tomorrow in mind” makes once worried about the pet’s health. However I believe the most powerful message located in this ad is the photo. The placement of the dog, and the man’s face is very important. This image reminds the viewer of the add all the annoying thing that our pets do, yet we love them for it. That is why the man’s face look so distressed, the dog is intruding, However, when the it comes time for the dog be pass on, theses are the little behaviors the owners miss the most.

  3. I definitely agree with you that this is a very emotional ad with how they show the mans concern for his dog. They make it clear that he worries for his health, and perhaps the dog is older as well as the man, as you pointed out. I think another way that this ad could be analyzed is to consider whether they are appealing to the idea that our pets are like our children, no matter how old we get. We always want what’s best for our kids, so we should be feeding them the best food. This could be why the man is shown reading to his dog, allowing his pet to climb on him and intrude his space in such a way.

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