How denotation and connotation impacts emotions and behavior: Automobiles


I am at this point in my life where I am starting to save up for my new car and starting to talk about it a whole lot. I am not sure why but when I saw the brand new red car in the “Entrepreneur” magazine; I was fascinated with it and thinking that it is almost too good to be true for first-time car buyer. Instead of thinking about it, I have collected my thoughts and made a table out of it to organize my thinking process. My table below will allow you to join me in my process!

Facial Expressions
Objects Used
Red, white, black, yellow, and gold
Brand new red 2017 Pirus car with bright beam headlights
Everything is a blur in the background. The red car is a commercial print size. Lights in the background are shaped as blur dots
Pirus car is placed on the front and middle of the advertisement
All eyes on the Pirus car as everything is blur in the background except the car
Car, road, and lights
These colors give me an outgoing and exciting yet calming vibe. It is more than just a subtle color. The red color reminds me of the winter season that is coming up. Rochester, NY is known for having its winter season early as in November
Red is full of life, bright and warm color that reminds me of strong emotions. The red is a bold color so when a reader flips over its pages, will immediately notice the red car
When this advertisement choose to use the blur in the background, it creates the connection with the red car. It is one element consists of two style
The positioning of the car in the middle and centered. It is a close up shot
All eyes on the car only is a way to convince the audience to build connection and purchase the car
Car as an object used in this advertisement, which showed that there is no gender preference. It is available for everyone to buy

1) “Worry Less. Travel more”
2) “The 2017 PRIUS”
3) “Let’s Go Places”


1) This is a simple saying to explain it to the audience that more time we plan our travels, the less expensive it will be. Perhaps as for automobiles – if we save up money to buy a car, we then end up save our money from using the public transportation
2) The Prius is all capitalized to PRIUS in order to emphasize that it is a new plug-in hybrid car
3) Lets go places means that car owners are being physically going places and on an adventure with a brand new cars

The goals of the car ad is to create a unique and surprise buzz that builds a connection with the customers. Wordings are provided in this advertisement to avoid any confusion with the plug-in hybrid vehicles. Font are small in the advertisement so it is not an eyesore advertisement


One thought on “How denotation and connotation impacts emotions and behavior: Automobiles

  1. Hello Nicole,

    I enjoyed your illustration for this week. I wrote in my discussion how sometimes when we look at an ad, it is not what we interpret it as, but how our minds unconsciously interpret it. I feel like since you are in the market for a car, anytime you look over a magazine and come across a car advertisement, you will be intrigued one way or another. Sometimes you might not even notice the advertisement, but your brain will unconsciously remind you some how that you are looking for a car. You are also most likely to notice more car advertisements now more then ever since you are looking to buy and not just fascinated with cars in general.

    I also like the table description between denotation and connotation. These two concepts were important in the slides and also the article this week. I like the direct meaning you get from a sign versus the meaning that is evoked from the object. I mentioned how with connotation, it can come from past experiences. I believe that if one can relate to the advertisement because of this, then they are more likely to buy. In this case, you can relate to cars because you are in the market to buy so car advertisements are going to catch your attention.

    I like the breakdown of wordings, meanings and the goals of the advertisements. This gave me a solid perspective from your standpoint of what this advertisement was trying to get across. I agree with your interpretations and I believe this advertisement does a good job catching the viewer’s attention. I believe it is also about positioning. I wrote in my discussion that the positioning of words and images could play a huge role in advertisements. The bright red car captures ones attention and the bold “WORRY LESS. TRAVEL MORE” and “THE 2017 PRUIS” goes along with the image well. Everything in this advertisement seems to flow smoothly creating in my eyes, a successful advertisement.

    Good Work!

    Todd Skirving

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