A Warm Weather Retreat

This ad, I felt was particularly targeted at the Rochester area. It is not secret that winters in Rochester can be brutal and the effectiveness of an ad for condominiums in Florida can be especially effective in a location such as this if done correctly. It certainly accomplishes the job of being eye-catching with the massive, bold font and the vivid photos of sun-drenched condominiums.


Denotation: Light and deep blue, white, tan and green.

Connotation: The light hues present in the photos are meant to elicit a warmth in the viewer that reminds them of what a condo in Florida could be like. The use of the ocean not only expands the pallet that is exhibited in the ad, but further puts the viewer in the desired frame of mind.


Denotation: There are trees, beaches and condos used in this ad.

Connotation: Obviously there is no specific connotation to be attributed to the condominiums in this ad. Their importance and impact on the viewer is purely functional. The trees and the ocean, however provide a connotation akin to life and freedom that could accompany buying one of these condos.


Denotation: Aerial view, as well as beach-side views and landscape shots provide multiple viewing angles.

Connotation: These different views are meant to elucidate different admirable aspects of the Florida coast ad the condos themselves. Many of these views do an excellent job of putting the condo that is for sale in the context of its surroundings and thus giving the viewer the idea that they are buying more than a structure to live in.


I’d say that the effectiveness of this ad could be markedly improved if it were to use narratives as a device to convey the favorability of the product it is selling. Thought the use to people captured in the act of enjoying their time in one of these condominiums, I feel that the customer would be better able to imagine themselves there doing the same. I felt that its use of colors, objects and positioning was mediocre and could have used more provocative images to better sell these condos to the viewer.



One thought on “A Warm Weather Retreat

  1. I liked the way that you pointed out how this advertisement doesn’t necessarily try to imply anything about the condos themselves, but that instead it tries to illustrate the life that is associated with the condos. There isn’t anything specific shown in the pictures that makes the condos seem that appealing. In fact, the picture doesn’t really give much visual information at all about the buildings themselves. Instead, there is a heavy emphasis on showing the beachfront and palm trees. I definitely agree that the connotation here is a life of freedom. Even though the advertisement is supposed to be for the condos, it actually does a better job of directly advertising for beach life, which then implicitly advertises the houses.

    I felt that the elements in the ad, such as the colors and positions, actually made it pretty effective. The tans and blues definitely evoke a sense of pleasantness and calm which is very appealing. Additionally, the wide landscape images emphasize how vast and enticing the places shown in the advertisement are. I don’t think these elements in the ad were necessarily used in a mediocre way, but there probably could have been more added to the ad to make it more appealing.

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