I have always loved the idea of space and how massive it is. When I saw an add for a 24-hour simulator in Hawaii I was really excited. This add shows a spaceman which looks to be sitting on mars. The idea of going to another planet is one that has always interested me to no extent and it is something that is going to be done within my lifetime! That’s insane!

The Wordings  of this add is very clean and draws the eyes in. It has Mars printed in bold red letters on top with a white line of text below it that says “ Times space writer spends 24 hours inside NASA’s simulated mars base in Hawaii”. This statement is very intriguing and draws the reader in for more.

The Semiotic elements in the add really help to pull it together. The lighting in it is very reddish orange which is very similar to mars. The color of the entire ad has reds whites and oranges in it and off in the distance we see a base which is clearly there for the astronauts.
The goal of this ad is to bring more insight into the world of space. It is very clear that Nasa played a big roll into the ad. They bring together a very realistic representation of what mars would look like. I can only imagine what might be waiting for us out there and can’t wait to see what new discoveries that we are going to find!


6 thoughts on “Space!

  1. FULL PHOTO shows that it is a muscular meaning to show the SPACE is there and they are investigating into it. It also grabs attention when there is a “LIFE FORM” on mars but if you look closer as it says stimulation base in Hawaii which I didn’t catch. If they didn’t mention the wording, I would have misunderstood the whole meaning of this so this was a good education on my part. The photo looks like it lacks detail but it doesnt as it is straight to the point on what the photo is trying to attract toward the audience.

  2. While I agree with your observations on the semiotic elements I found the “MARS” text to be somewhat hard to read. Since it’s red writing on a dark background and the whole image primarily has red’s and orange’s in it, I find it gets lost in the image. I do agree that it looks massive and they are trying to make a statement, I feel like it could have been more powerful if they made the text thicker and possibly white. I believe that this would have made the text easier to read and understand quickly while flipping through a magazine. Overall, it’s an awesome advertisement and I look forward to the day that people can travel there!

  3. Hi Ryan,
    I really like this ad. When I first saw that it was in Hawaii I had to take another look because it doesn’t use any bright colors or an image of a beach. I really like that they stuck with the Mars theme, and didn’t add any colors or images that represent Hawaii.
    I really like the text on the page and I think it brings you in and makes you want to know more about the simulator.

  4. Wow, this is a great advertisement! The design looks great and its really smart too!
    I love the literal use of “space”, as the advertisement spans over two pages, and the letters in mars are spaced out too. The ad is very simple with the use of the Mars landscape and the spaceman sitting there. I mean, the ad is pulling me in. I am already interested before even reading what it is about!

  5. I think that this design offers so much to the viewer and the colors and text show so much more than what is seen at first glance. I agree that the word “MARS” draws the reader in, but I think there is so much more that comes from it. MARS is faded and slightly hard to read certain parts of the letters. This seems to represent the unknown and the mystery behind Mars and discovering what is unknown on this planet. MARS is very spread out with lots of room in between each letter. This shows the vast amount of unknown there is to learn about. Although the planet it small, it is still a planet and therefore so much to learn about. The wording alone in this ad drives to the reader to wonder and engage in the ad and what it is offering.

  6. I also think this is a very well designed ad. The way it’s laid out you wouldn’t expect it to be one. Aside from what looks like foliage on the mountain in the background they did a really good job of making it look like Mars. The red text might not be the best choice but it fits the whole “red planet” theme.

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