“Add Drama to any Space”

img_0957I chose to talk about an ad I found in an old Sunset: Living in the West magazine from May 2011. I have many of them saved because I enjoy going through them again from time to time (and this magazine was sticking out on my bookcase so I used it by the way).

The ad was for skylights made by Velux. I was (and am) not convinced that the ad worked, because I did not notice the skylights until I read who was doing the ad. I thought it was about some paint product because of the mural painting on the walls. It took me a while to understand what Velux was trying to tell me about and why their skylights matter.

The connotations meanings of the elements used in the ad:


  •       “Add drama to any space” (in white print that made me look closer)
  •       “The power and natural brilliance of a skylight will transform a room in a way no other redesign or renovation can. To reveal the drama unfolding in this room, go to dramaheights.com.” (in light gray which may is telling us that the skylight is soft and stylish)


Drama brought on by a skylight into a space can grab ahold your attention to the space as whole like no other designs or renovation can offer.

Semiotic elements:

  • soft-focus: pretty and athletic Asian female dressed in light green fabric
  • color: soft pastels of green, pink, brown
  • pacing: sense of slowness, floating, and peaceful
  • lighting: bright yet soft and tranquil
  • sound: appears to be floating to a soft music through soft breeze

Denotative signifier:                               Denotative signified:

* young Asian female                              * feng shui

* mural painting                                       * the nature brings “dramatic” balance and feng shui

Connotator:                                                                            Connotation:

* angle: young Asian female with doves                       * peaceful and nature-like

* framing: semi-close shot                                              * semi-privacy yet open


  • clean lined bed and bedframe
  • green wall with a mural of a tree with pink blossoms
  • doves flying around gracefully
  • more doves sitting on the bed
  • light green fabric flowing gracefully


  • skylights that bring in natural light
  • skylights bring the nature indoors
  • skylights bring in the quiet and tranquil


Skylights will bring in natural light indoors at no charge. The shades that come with the skylights can give you the option to dim your bedroom by controlling the brightness. Natural light = feng shui by bringing harmonic balance into your space (bedroom). Velux’s skylight is the best choice to brighten up your personal space. The image on the lower right corner is for people who want to get more information about the product by using their mobile phone and scan the “code”. Easy access = better sales.


3 thoughts on ““Add Drama to any Space”

  1. Hi Jane, do you think you could try re-uploading the image? Your post looks super thought out and detailed, but I cannot see the image you are talking about, it isn’t displaying correctly.

    Thank you!

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