Gender Neutral Image – Is it impossible?

At the beginning of this assignment I made it my personal mission to try and find an object that was indeed gender neutral. As I kept taking pictures and then realizing that one could see it more favorable towards one gender I landed on this beautiful object. The air-conditioner. For many of us, this is the one thing that helps keep us alive throughout the summer and during the hotter days in fall.


Many of us wouldn’t even realize we passed one of these industrial sized A/C units. While both guys and girls do indeed use this and I can’t visually picture one gender using it more over the other, if you break it down I could see how someone could potentially stick a gender to this object. The hard outer shell, the tough blades in the inside circulating the air, and overall rigidness and unappealing nature of this machine, to me, all point to a more masculine identity. While the companies who make these want to make them as efficient and cheap as possible, the lack of feminist qualities that it portrays contribute to my believes as to what gender this could portray.

Although I had hoped to find something completely genderless, I had my dreams crushed when I had believed to have found an object genderless but after looking and analyzing the photo, I do indeed see it as having some more typical masculine attributes than feminine ones.


One thought on “Gender Neutral Image – Is it impossible?

  1. Any non-human object can be anthropomorphized to have at least some human traits. People do it all the time on the internet, making artwork of animals, technology, and even websites as humans. And if something like an air conditioner can have traits comparable to a human, then it’s not that hard to associate them with a particular gender. Even some androgynous people can have traits that some people view as masculine or feminine. There is nothing that can be said to be completely genderless, because anything can be associated with human characteristics. Male and/or female.

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