Imaging Gender

This photo is the ultrasound of my baby which is due on October 21st as this is my first child. When I was reading through the video and spectrum video, this photo immediately came to my mind as I do not know the gender of the baby. From this photo, you can only understand that is an image of a baby in a woman’s belly. While you wonder about that, you wonder what the baby is doing, why is has that look, what it is thinking, and you still can’t identify its gender from this photo. The body structure and the shape still don’t tell you what gender it could possibly be so that makes it even more interesting to determine the fate of what the gender is. The way this photo is taken is neutral as it will be a mystery of the baby’s gender. One more month until the reveal of its gender and we wonder what it is! imaging-gender-photo


One thought on “Imaging Gender

  1. Hi Mark,
    I think this is a great representation for the gender neutral post. This is a little tiny human and you genially do not know what the gender is so you can’t assign any gender stereotypes and also this little human has no gender stereotypes that is feels it needs to live up to. This truly is as neutral as it gets when it comes to gender neutrality and humans, the most pure untainted little mind isn’t thinking about if it looks the right way or what anyone thinks about it. It is just waiting to come out and see the world and meets its family! congratulations!

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