Image and the Body

An object I found that is gender neutral is a cell phone. Cell phones are used by both men and women and are targeted to both genders. Looking at the design of a new phone, you can tell that it is not designed for a specific gender because it uses gender neutral colors. Someone can make a cell phone gender exclusive with phone cases or background images. So a phone that has a pink, feminine case can be seen as a “girly” phone, whereas if the case was blue and masculine, it can be targeted to guys.

iphoneIn the video, ‘Gender as Spectrum’, it mentions that the Navajo teachings had four basic genders – feminine woman, masculine man, feminine man and masculine woman. I think these four categories are how I make assumptions about gender. A person wearing pink, has long hair and soft features, you can normally tell it is a woman. The same with a person that has a larger build, short hair and wearing dark colors you understand it is a man. When I see someone that does not fall in either two categories, that is where I question if they are a feminine man or masculine woman. In today’s society it is becoming more natural for people to become a gender they were not born, so when I see someone that could be either gender, I do not think too much about it but if I am with my grandmother who is still traditional, she will make a comment about his or her appearance.

You do not think twice when you see someone and can easily tell their gender, but when you have to question yourself that is when you start to think. I think we are moving into a time where it is becoming more acceptable to be yourself and be comfortable with who you are, so you do see more people where it is hard to identify their gender.



One thought on “Image and the Body

  1. I agree that the majority of phones are gender neutral but there are phones out there that are definitely made more for a man or a woman. for example, you could look at the iPhone, the rose gold color is definitely more feminine than masculan. that’s just one example and I’m only playing devils advocate. I agree with you saying that our current generation of people are growing up far more accepting than ever before. People are much more apt to support someone for being gay. With our generation being focused on helping people and trying to see the best, I can expect great things.

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