Museum Trip to The MAG

visual comm pic.png

For this assignment I decided to visit the MAG in downtown Rochester. While walking around I was drawn to this picture mainly because the use of color. The art is set in the Harlem Renaissance.  The name of the piece is ” Summer Street Scene in Harlem, 1948″. The artist is Jacob Lawrence who was an American contemporary artist 1917-2000.

The Harlem Renaissance was a vibrant time. It was also a time that was rich in culture. It was a beautiful time music was colorful, along with the culture. The frame really brings out the bright colors and really highlighted how special and truly colorful this time period was. The lighting in the museum was very suttle. It was the perfect amount of light, it didn’t flush out the artwork. The organization of the artwork really helped. This piece was pretty much by itself, no surrounding artwork so, it helped draw my attention that much more.

When I first saw it I instantly thought of myself in the Harlem Renaissance. I saw myself in the heart of New York City. I could hear the trumpets and saxophone’s playing. I could picture happy people because, it was a happy time. A fun fact, when I was taking this all in I was watching a dance that was happening from a dance school ages 8-15 years old. The style and music they were dancing to instantly took me to the Harlem Renaissance time. The music was very cultural and the dance costumes were the same vibrant and cultural.

This relates to the article we read about Auschwitz in a way because this picture took me back to a place in time. I instantly felt and heard what NYC was experiencing at this time. That’s what the goal is when updating Auschwitz, they want tourist to feel and experience what happened many years ago. This picture helped me capture such a colorful and beautiful time that’s what the Polish government is trying to do, capture that moment.



One thought on “Museum Trip to The MAG

  1. I absolutely love this and agree with the feeling that you got from it. I like that it has it’s own wall so that you can focus more on just that instead of skimming by it. Being very familiar with NYC, I enjoy learning about how things were “back in the day” and how they’ve evolved into the city I know and love currently.

    It is very relatable to the piece we read on Auschwitz in that it can bring you back to the setting of this. It brings out raw emotion and energy and I can clearly imagine what it would be like if I was there in real life.

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