Illustration Museum: Impact of Decisions

rit-museumFigure 1: The Wallace Center’s RIT Museum – RIT History Timeline

With a very demanding schedule I wasn’t able to visit a museum off campus like I had hoped, but I was aware that RIT has a number of museums and exhibits on campus, one being the RIT Museum.  Located on the third floor of The Wallace Center, the RIT Museum provides a space for a more in-depth exploration of RIT’s rich history as well as the University Art Collection.  Currently on display at the museum is the exhibition titled From Hot Metal to Pixels and as you walk through the space, there are a number of glass display cases with old black and white pictures of students and professors which depict the history of the School of Media Sciences.  At least for me, when I go to a museum my eyes tend to focus more on what comes off the wall or even a sculpture rather than pictures with text underneath.

When I first got to the third floor of The Wallace Center I noticed an interesting pattern on the ceiling.  It looked almost as if there was a blank timeline or multiple blank timelines leading in the direction of the RIT Museum.  When I arrived at the museum I noticed a similar pattern mounted on the wall, this time with key dates, events and pictures.  The picture shown above is that timeline and what I found most interesting were the blank sections after 2006.  These blanks forced me to ask myself “well what’s next?  What will we (RIT) do next worthy enough to put on this timeline?”

Aside from the timeline and the many interesting photographs within the display cases, I noticed the lighting was a bit darker in the RIT Museum than in other parts of The Wallace Center.  I understand that photographs and the objects being displayed become faded and damaged with too much exposure to light, which is likely why it was darker, but I felt as if the darker lighting made the area (the museum) itself seem historic and older. The RIT Museum is a very interesting place to learn and dig deeper into RIT’s rich history and I would recommend a visit for anyone that’s on campus.


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