Say Cheese!

Recently my roommate decided to purchase a cheese cutter. While many of you have seen the end result of a cheese cutter at dinner parties or around the holidays, I personally have never seen the device. While this is probably due to the fact that I would rather buy pre-cut cheese instead of slicing it myself, I was surprised by the look and ease of using it this previous week for a recipe.


Thinking back to the reading on enargeia and eudamonia I couldn’t help but remember this item. Not only does the look at feel of it make it seem expensive and important but the ease of the device was extremely simple.  While many might not see the use for one in a household because of easier options and lack of everyday use, I could see the need for someone who tends to hold parties or would rather put in the hard work instead of just buying it from the store. When comparing it to the other option of cutting the cheese with a knife you tend to not get as clean of a cut and that process takes a lot longer. This product also contained extra wire so if the old one was getting too dull it can easily be switched out. Although I haven’t personally done this yet, when looking at what steps might be involved it looked rather simple to understand.

Overall, although this product might not be in such a high demand as others that you see on a daily basis, I find that the look and simplicity of this product is rather refreshing. Now if only it was the holiday season so that I could really put it to use!



3 thoughts on “Say Cheese!

  1. I’ve actually never seen something like that and just by looking at it, it seems a little confusing. However after you explain, I almost want to go out and buy one! As someone who loves a good cheese plate (really, who doesn’t?) it seems like it could become a very common household item, if it’s not already. It’s easy and conventional and simple to use! I love it!

  2. I have two of them and I LOVE slicing my cheese(s) on them. I grew with different versions of cheese slicers like this. Maybe it is because I grew up in Sonoma County (one of several well known wine and cheese counties in Northern California). They are easy to use as long as they are well made. I had one that was cheaply made and it didn’t last long. Good post!

  3. I always used to slice cheese with a knife but after seeing this cheese slicer I will no longer be doing that. I’m so shocked that I had never thought to look for a machine to get my cheese slices to be perfectly aligned. Thank you so much you’ve changed my life.

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