Vis Rhetoric & Design / Wellbeing


When reading this weeks’ materials, it made think a lot about product design and how to get your point across in a way that everyone would be able to understand. After going through the Norman reading, one visual artifact that I use every day and goes well with the concepts is a fan.

Most designs of fans are pretty simple and consistent, meaning, when you buy a new fan, you have an idea of how to work it because you know how it is supposed to operate so it is usually not hard to do the basic factors that a fan is supposed to do. With that being said, since technology is evolving, companies are always trying to find new ways to make their product better and this is where the design can become confusing.

In the particular fan that I have, visibility is clear. By looking at the fan, you have an idea what part does what, but it becomes confusing when you look at the options. The designers added photos to each button to try to make it clear what each button does, but the images do not convey the message well. If you want to know what each button actually does you would have to read the manual, or spend time clicking each button and seeing what it does.

One thing the design does get right is the feedback. When clicking a button, you hear a sound and a red button appears, so you know you have successfully turned on that setting. This helps me know I did something right and got the function working.

I think this product satisfies the requirements of Eudemonia rather than Enargeia. It fulfills the need of wanting to be cooled down and brings happiness and wellbeing.


One thought on “Vis Rhetoric & Design / Wellbeing

  1. This is a very good point and I agree that it is a good representation of this weeks reading. Your example of a fan and how most people know how to work a basic one due to a general understanding of how they work compared to the more advanced one in your picture makes a great point. I have a fan and it has one control on or off. Very easy, very clear how to make it work. Your fan has a variety of options which can be confusing, but i do think that your fan can provide a much better experience than mine can. I would have to say that that is the trade off, ease of use or better features.

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