Visual Rhetoric and Design/wellBeing

While thinking on what comes to my mind while looking at the rhetoric and design video, I have decided to do a photo of my stamped concrete that is on the front porch of my home that I build from the ground and up. It portrays  a stamped concrete in the middle with landscaping surrounding around the concrete for appearance purpose. With the being down at 7pm, it shows the nice texture off the flowers, plants, and also reflects the bold stamping concrete. This gives off both energeria and enudamonia because this displays a lot of character for the landscape setup. Also it is very fulfillment to the audience when you notice all the details in the landscape setup. There are different kinds of shapes that’s going on in this photo as there is flatness, curves, sharpness, and wavy textures. This setup is very different in comparison to other homes because most homes uses regular dull grey concrete plates or stones which is a sore to the eye to some audience. Everybody has their own view but this is more of a clean appearance where it is the main entrance to the home. It stages a nice feeling when you walk on the concrete with flowers and plants that welcomes you to the home. How this appeals to the Normal reading is that it is a view that is appealing to the eye. Eudamonia


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