Visual Rhetoric of the George Eastman House


The museum I chose to visit was the George Eastman House. The George Eastman house is one of the worlds oldest film archives and its right in Rochester!

One of my favorite exhibits of the house was the main room. Everything about this room boasted wealth and comfort. The room had many different pieces of furniture. All of the furniture in the room was custom designed and hand-made by various designers and artists around the globe. The abundance of greenery and natural lighting also helped tie the room to the rest of the estate. The photo on the bottom is the garden just outside the window of the main room. All of the seating along the outside walls of the room were angled towards the windows to make it feel as though you were meant to just admire the view of the garden. The natural light and greenery was a reoccurring theme of the estate and it seemed to always accentuate the views of the gardens and greenhouses. The ambiance of this entire exhibit gave me a sense of tranquility. It makes the visitor forget that just outside the walls of the estate is a bustling city.

One particular item I found interesting is the giant elephant head above the main window of the room. I feel like it was a little distracting from the rest of the room. I think what the curator was trying to do was to tie in the ideas of abundance and wealth with the “nature” feel of the rest of the house. (Don’t worry the elephant head was not real)

I highly recommend visiting the Eastman house if you are into film and photography. It offers a lot of history and knowledge on how photography has progressed over the years which I do not mention in the above post.


3 thoughts on “Visual Rhetoric of the George Eastman House

  1. I really enjoyed reading about how this was being described. I completely agree with you on how the room is designed in juxtaposition with the outside world. The fact that this room is so different and unique keeps the person interested and drawn into the scenery. I know exactly where the George Eastman house is but I’ve never been in it so this is a pleasant surprise for me to see. I would have never expected the inside of the house to be as elegant and timeless as it is. I think it’s extremely important for the room to have a “timeless” feel to it because it allows people of all generations to generate similar feelings when they enter the room which ultimately keeps the historical nature of it alive and rooted.

  2. Wow, those pictures are great. They definitely make me want to visit the museum. As you mentioned, the elephant does stick out quite a bit and draws the eye. The high ceilings are nice too. Is this a photography museum? Since you mentioned it offers history on how photography has progressed over the years?

  3. Those pictures are so beautiful! I never had a thought about that building which is actually in Rochester. I have been living in Rochester for three years without knowing that such important and beautiful building! If it was actual film or photography, I still love going there. Whatever I live in a city, I must know a city’s important and hidden histories! Do you know any other secrets?!

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